Newberry Campground
"Gateway to the Tahquamenon Falls"

Newberry Michigan Area Activities
Newberry Campground is located in the Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula.  You will be in the center of the great outdoor activities that Michigan has to offer.  Being outdoors is healthy, fun and relaxing.  Enjoy Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Curtis's Manistique Lake Complex, The Tahquamenon River, along with many others.  The beaches are second to none, the fishing is extraordinary, hiking and biking opportunities abound, ATV / UTVing are growing here rapidly, and the night sky is a show within itself.

Come visit Newberry for the best Upper Peninsula recreational activities.  We are situated in the middle of many great forests, lakes, streams, trails, and beaches that make these great opportunities possible.  

Take a quiet vacation in the Upper Peninsula and find out the many wonderful ways to enjoy Newberry and the surrounding area.  Sit beside a quiet stream or listen to the waves of Lake Superior gently roll to shore.  Nature is here and ready for your participation.

Lower Tahquamenon Falls Natural Water Park Newberry MI | Newberry MI Campgrounds
Lower Tahquamenon Falls Activities

The entrance to the Lower Falls is nature's water park and is located 4 miles north of the Upper Falls. These falls are a great place for fun cooling off activities.  You can "shoot" down these small falls by sitting at the top and letting the current carry you - Parental Guidance is advised and not to be carries out during high water times.   Located just 4 miles downstream from the Upper Falls, the Lower Tahquamenon Falls is really a complete surprise to many visitors.  People can hike, rent a boat and fish, park there boat at the island.  Many small waterfalls cascade around an island for people to enjoy and cool off in the summer heat.

Upper Michigan Activities in the Sunshine
You and your family will enjoy the many warm weather activities found throughout the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan: swimming, biking, bird watching, hiking, fishing, golfing, Upper Michigan canoeing / kayaking, & workshops right here in the Newberry Area.

Our fastest growing UP recreational activity is ATV, ORV, four-wheeling activities.  Our UP ATV trails are growing and we have plenty of space here at Duffy's Motel for your recreational trailer and ATVs.  Duffy's Motel is the perfect place for ATVing.  Guests can hit the trails directly from their front door. 

♦  Michigan DNR UTV / ORV Information and Permits.

Unique U.P. Activities

Mushrooming in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a wonderful activity. The rewards of mushroom hunting are being outdoors, viewing wildlife, and eating these prized Morel mushrooms. Make sure to have someone show you what to look for and do some research on how to identity editable mushrooms. Mushrooms usually grow in May or June, depending on temperatures and rainfall. Visitors should call ahead and check in with the chamber ahead of time.

Lake Superior Agate Hunting, Newberry MI | Upper Peninsula Agates
Lake Superior Agate Hunting

Lake Superior agates can be found along the beaches and shores north of Newberry, MI. Many visitors enjoy the easy of access at Grand Marais, MI and Deer Park, MI. This area has parking along the lake or at the Muskellunge State Park. Noted for its rich colors, Lake Superior agates are usually red, orange and yellow in hues with banding. These colors are a result of the oxidation of iron.
♦ Karen Brzys, Gitche Gumee Museum
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Newberry MI Fishing on the Tahquamenon River in the Upper Peninsula
Upper Michigan Fishing

Fishermen will enjoy some of the world's most fantastic UP Fishing: pike, walleye, and trout fishing. Enjoy the Tahquamenon River, Two Hearted River, and the Fox River.  We are the land between the lakes and are centrally located between Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Big Manistique Lake, Round Lake, South Manistique Lake, Bass Lake, Hulbert lake, and Trout Lake.  For a full list of great fishing information and Luce County's lakes, streams and rivers to fish, please click the following link.